Liquid Bridge Plug West Cameron

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Well Information

Operator: British Petroleum (BP)
Location: Gulf of Mexico, West Cameron, Block 110
Completion Fluid: Seawater


To seal micro annular gas migration between the 13 3/8” X 26” annulus and proceed with the decommissioning of the well.


Liquid Bridge Plug®

Prior to pumping Liquid Bridge Plug®, a window from 167’ to 178’ was milled from the 13 3/8” out to the 26” casing. One foot of sand was dumped into the bottom of the window to provide a uniform platform for the resin. Then a total of 361 gallons or ten feet of linear fill of Liquid Bridge Plug® was pumped inside the window and positive pressure was maintained on it for the next 48 hours.


After the Liquid Bridge Plug® was cured, SIP was released and the well was monitored for bubbles. In the first 30-minute period of observation there were no bubbles for 12 minutes, then small bubbling occurred for the remainder of the period. There were no bubbles released from rig over the following nine hours, so a surface cement plug was set as per MMS requirements, and decommissioning of the well was able to proceed as planned.