Poly Plug

Poly Plug® is formulated with a high-molecular weight anionic polymer that produces a rigid, robust gel structure ideal for shutoff treatments into fractured, vugular and high permeability formations. 

In addition to the polymer and cross linking agent, a broad range of LCM (ULTRA SEAL® Plus) is included to slow seepage of the polymer solution into the formation.


  • Total shut-off squeeze treatments that effectively seal off water or gas
  • Effectively seals fractures, vugs, weak zones, flowing, over pressured zones
  • Single sack product, pre-blended for ease of mixing
  • Can be mixed and placed with standard rig equipment or cement blender
  • Can be pumped through the bit, mud motors and MWD/LWD tools
  • Insensitive to CO2 or H2S
  • Effective temperature range from 60º F to 400º F
  • Does not harden sufficiently to stick pipe or side-track, so there is never a drill out problem
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Poly Plug Africa

While drilling ahead at 6,230’ total loss returns occurred. Five other cement plugs had been pumped without success. Over 2,500 bbls of drilling fluid had been lost.

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Poly Plug Khalda, Egypt

The drill string was POOH to 8,400’ at the bottom of the Alamein formation and 7,900’ at the top. Attempts to circulate resulted in 30 bbls/hr losses. 1,000 bbls of volume lost over a 24-hour period. 

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Poly Plug Louisiana-Tuscaloosa

All exposed sands were pay zones and the well was loosing 25 BPH.

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Poly Plug Texas Panhandle

The brown dolomite in the Texas panhandle area varies in depth and the degree of losses. The dolomite section can be more than 3500 ft. and losses can range from seepage to complete loss of returns. Operators use different types of LCM and concentrations to prevent losses while drilling vertical wells. When losses are large, the typical LCM is a combination of cottonseed hulls and very coarse fiber.

Directional wells require a different solution, as directional tools do not work well with the LCM used to seal the dolomite section. Noble Energy looked for a solution that would seal the dolomite section, reduce the LCM type and concentration to allow directional tools to work efficiently and not require cement or an added casing string. 

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Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze Cement City, OK

The well hit depleted sandstone at 16,000’. Three other cement plugs were pumped prior to using Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze and the wellbore was on vacuum.

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