Ultra Spacer II

Ultra Spacer® II

When hurricanes damage offshore production facilities, operators have often been forced to abandon affected wellbores because traditional isolation techniques did not allow for reliable or cost-effective repair of production tubing from the mudline to the wellhead. When used in conjunction with ULTRA SEAL® Bio, Ultra Spacer® II enables operators to pump fluid through the production tubing of a damaged wellbore and place fluids at the bottom of the well to form a temporary seal so that repair work can be performed safely. Once the well is repaired, the plug can be removed or circulated out without drilling, damaging the environment and/or formation.


  • Will not harm the environment (fluid is approved for North Sea use)
  • Easy to mix and apply. Simply pour required volume of UltraSpacer® II down the tubing
  • Reduces potential damage from filtrate invasion from hundreds of feet to only inches
  • Stable to over 300° F
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