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Our news and resources section houses our PDF Library, where you can find a wealth of information about M&D Industries’ products, including white papers, as well as our latest press releases. 

White Papers

pdficon  Zonal Isolation in Lost Circulation Zones

MSDS PDF Library

pdficon Ultra Seal® OBM

pdficon Ultra Spacer®

pdficon Ultra Seal® XP

pdficon GMA #1

pdficon Ultra Seal® TG

pdficon Liquid Bridge Plug®

pdficon Ultra Seal® C 

pdficon Liquid Bridge Plug® HTA

pdficon Ultra Seal® Bio

pdficon Liquid Bridge Plug® LTA

pdficon Ultra Seal® Plus

pdficon Pro Blend®

pdficon Poly Plug®

pdficon Dril-Xcaliper®

pdficon Poly Plug® Clear Gel

 pdficon WSORTM

pdficon DrilXpress®