WSOR is a water-soluble resin cross linked with an AZO initiator designed to seal low permeability leaks. It is a selective water shutoff system that utilizes an oil-base (usually field crude) emulsified with a water-soluble resin and activator to transport the resin system to the water-producing zone. The resin has a very low viscosity prior to cross linking (± 3 cP), giving it ease of mixing and ease of pumping. The resin plug formed can be designed to build higher compressive strengths to be utilized for a permanent plug, or a softer plug that can be washed through without the need of a bit.
Simply squeeze it into a formation where excess water is being produced, activate with production water and let set. The base oil is then produced back after treatment, while reducing water production in the producing zone.


  • Effective in very wet conditions – designed to form a plug in as much as 75% water 
  • Can form a plug in temperatures ranging from 70° F to 150° F
  • Utilized for lower temperature P&A or T&A operations 
  • Can be used as a gas shutoff in damaged wells


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