Ultra Surf S

Ultra Surf S is an anionic surfactant specifically formulated to have good solubility in water, brine, various acids and oil. Ultra Surf S is a versatile general purpose surfactant designed for cement pre-flushes and is added to Ultra Spacer® when OBM and SOBM drilling fluid present prior to cementing. It provides excellent filter cake removal/formation damage while maintaining excellent compatibilities when aqueous solutions and oil-based solutions are present.


  1. When used with Ultra Spacer for a primary cement spacer, normal concentrations range from 1 to 3.5 gallons per 42 gallons of Ultra Spacer.
  2. The use of Ultra Surf S provides excellent water wetting to pipe and formation face to aid in improved cement bonding.
  3. Wide range of solubility in water, brine, acid or oil-based fluids 
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