Ultra Spacer

When hurricanes damage offshore production facilities, operators have often been forced to abandon affected wellbores because traditional isolation techniques did not provide reliable or cost-effective repair of production tubing from the mudline to the wellhead. As a result, damaged wells were often permanently abandoned and new wells drilled. Drilling new wells is an expensive response that forces operators to deploy capital and equipment to reestablish existing production rather than tapping new production.

To address this issue, M&D has developed Ultra Spacer® – an innovative product designed to empower operators to bring production back online in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner without damaging the formation.

Ultra Spacer® is a blend of functionalized polymers and bridging agents designed to provide zonal isolation, even in the most challenging zones. Its low rheology controls fluid loss to the formation, allowing the use of neat cement system slurries, and also effectively removes drilling mud and forms a non-damaging membrane, reducing fluid/filtrate in­vasion.

Since the unique seal formed by Ultra Spacer® raises the formation’s fracture pressure, cement can be placed at casing depth with higher equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) without increasing the risk of formation break down. This capability is highly beneficial in wells in which a narrow margin exists between the fracture gradient and pore pressure gradient.


  • Compatible with 99% of the market’s cement slurries and drilling fluids
  • Incredible fluid loss properties for aiding in loss circulation
  • Reduces formation damage from cement filtrate
  • Prevents cement fallback to achieve higher tops of cement
  • Temperature stable to 400°F
  • Density controllable
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Ultra Spacer Multiple Locations

Newfield, OK

The Operator was going to drill deeper and set a 5 1/2” production string. Due to loss circulation problems they were required to set a short string of 7” intermediate casing.


Red Rock OK

To form a strong cement bond across a shallow, fresh water aquifer, thereby eliminating the need for the short strong of casing being used to isolate the aquifer.


Main Pass Block 185

To reduce gas migration and casing pressure issues.

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